Sunday, May 16, 2010

0rganner this is a response to your attempt at at a smear campaign against us.


0rganner is an individual from Poland for the past couple of years that has been a provider of kernel mode device drivers for individuals to cheat in leagues.

He was a friend of two of our developers Wav and Bryan. Bryan has helped 0rganner throughout the years with developmental advice and he has assisted Bryan in several ways as well. Recently, 0rganner has begun to smear for reasons unknown to us; as a result, his friendship with Bryan was dissolved.

0rganner for the past couple of months has been claiming the developers at are not capable of providing league proof cheats and that we are not capable of providing secure software. He has spread the rumor that is lying merely to generate money from league cheaters. He has claimed that we have promised league proof cheats for the past 3 years without delivering.

In an attempt to smear us even further, 0rganner has registered the following two domain names:


The one question I'd like to ask is Why as I still haven't figured it out. and what it is today

0rganner sells his software known as immunity. He promises league support and sells cheats specifically built for league cheating.

His software is a kernel mode device driver. It only supports Windows XP 32 bit.

His visuals will constantly flash unless you enable vertical sync which restricts your fps to your monitor's refresh rate which in most cases is 60.

His software does not consist of an in-game menu and up until recently required that you completely restart your pc in order to change any features.

He sacrificed everything with kernel mode device driver to provide a solution to cheat in leagues. Does it do what it's intended too?

Yes and No

Throughout the years 0rganner has experienced 100's of bans in various leagues. From ESL to Cevo, he had extreme difficulty keeping his software undetected from the major leagues.

In fact, he doesn't even support any major American leagues.

His software protects against the following leagues/Anti-cheat clients that still exist.

Final Proof
SXE Injected

The major anti-cheats used in the United States are the following:

ESEA Client

He doesn't even support one of the most popular european anti-cheat

He did support those clients until he realized he couldn't keep individuals from getting banned, so he simply removed them from his supported list. He has to constantly play a cat and mouse game with the way he developed immunity.

He is claiming he is developing a new ring3/ring0 hybrid similar to his current line (Orgia) that addresses every issue above. He himself claims that immunity will be safer than the hybrid so how will he address the problems with his unsupported leagues?

Recently he released a new product:

Taken directly from his forums:

"that Polish guy.PL is proud to announce:

This is Hardware Overlay Radar for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source. Hardware Overlay is a method of directly drawing inside of your Video Memory, which makes visuals 100% immune to any screenshot attempt. There is no need to disable visuals while anticheat/user takes a screenshot.

This is an exclusive release, which means each customer will get a custom builded version. There is a limit of the users set for this software. Once limit is reached this thread will be gone, and there might be other products available.

- 300E only by Western-Union ( Life time subscription )

- 20"

He is charging 380 usd for a hardware overlay radar that supports every anti-cheat and he is even using Valkyrie as the name for it

Valkyrie is the name of our anti-cheat solution. He stole our name claiming that we stole his idea.

Quotes from him from his forum:

After we released information about this new software, EA ( our "competitor" lol ) decided to write some info about their upcomming ( its comming since 2 years ) Valkyrie system.

From what they said its basically the same thing as our hardware overlay radar + they added some sort of aimbot. Once again they try to rip our ideas, which cleary shows who is the main man in this business.

Their post is from today while ours is from yesterday, they had to read it and realize it can be used for their new software, until now they had no idea how to manage any screenshot bypass

Enhanced Aim Rebuttal

Enhanced Aim LLC first opened it's doors in January of 2008. We offered league support with our software. Many individuals have utilized our software in leagues with just the aimbot and have done fine. We opened our doors prior to finishing our league solution Band-A.I.D.S. Shortly after opening our doors we released Band-A.I.D.S our league solution which provided individuals a way to cheat in leagues.

This was posted by one of our customers showing Band-A.I.D.S working in leagues in December of 2008.

Band-A.I.D.S was a temporary solution while our project L.E.E.T was being developed.

L.E.E.T was a kernel mode device driver that hooked most screenshot functions in kernel mode (NTGDI) and spoke to our software to clean screenshots.

L.E.E.T is similar to the hybrid that 0rganner is going to offer. Unfortunately we saw the problems associated with 0rganner and how he couldn't keep his software undetected from popular leagues as they were constantly evolving. We decided to drop our project and not even focus on leagues from now on. is not a site meant for league cheating.

We don't openly advertise league support and we clearly let all customers know we don't support leagues.

This thread

Posted on 5-19-2009 clearly shows that we don't support any leagues and that we only support VAC2 and Punkbuster.

We were faced with a dilemma as we promised league support to our older members. Instead of leaving them out to dry We decided to develop Valkyrie to hold our promise.

Project Valkyrie was announced and thus we had a handle on what to provide for old lifetime users.

Unfortunately the nature of the product prevent us from giving away any details as this would allow other developers and anti-cheat developers from finding a way to detect it so we remained secretive about it from months and only told a few beta-testers and staff about the project. Even a few of our developers were left in the dark about it.

Project Valkyrie allows us to bypass virtually every current and future anti-cheat without much maintenance. It allows individuals to stay undetected and avoid the cat and mouse game that 0rganner played that led to 1000's of bans over the course of these two years.

0rganner claims we lied and that project Valkyrie does not exist. Recently he released a post about his Hardware overlay that he is going to sell. Upon reading the post, I made a post about Valkyrie as the products are similar although not quite the same. The way they are programmed is quite different though they achieve the same end result. No Ability to capture a screenshot

So the question remains? DID We lie about project Valkyrie and just steal his idea like he claims or were we developing it for the past couple of months?

The Questions answered


The following screenshot depicts a picture I took with my Iphone of one of the first testing of our drawing method.

Every picture taken with a camera has metadata that shows when the picture was taken.

The metadata shows the picture was taken on 9/21/2009

that Polish guy announced his hardware overlay on 5/13/2010

Did we steal the idea and go back in time? You be the Judge.

Screenshot #2

Picture 2 depicts one of the first beta test builds in CS 1.6. It was taken with my iphone today.

Screenshot #3

Picture 3 is similar to picture two. It was taken seconds before picture 2 via the print screen method in windows. The picture clearly shows no radar being drawn as screenshots cannot be captured.

Screenshot #4

Screenshot 4 shows the date created of the beta build I ran along with the radar in the background. I took this picture with my iphone today.

The date is hard to read but it shows it was in 2009

Guess we went back in time and created our beta build

Screenshot 5 shows the dates of all my beta builds. All the dates were from September to October of 2009.

We went back in time and created multiple beta builds.

0rganner we didn't steal your idea buddy. Looks like you stole our name.

NOW LET's ADDRESS WHAT APPEARS ON HIS NEW WEBPAGE http://www.enhancedaimdotnet

"Have you been a loyal subscriber to a cheat site that only has the ability to offer detected software?"

DOD 1.3
CS 1.6

Have never been detected.

CSS has been detected three times. The detection periods lasted 1-3 weeks and a new clean build was released. You can ask any of our members from 2008.

COD4 was detected when it was first released as a beta. The detection was patched in 2 days and it hasn't been detected since then.

In case you don't do your research, We have the best undetected rate next to you. Unfortunately, we don't wish to sacrifice compatibility and performance and cripple our products. Though we did take a page from you by developing Aurora so thanks for that.


"Have you been promised updates that have never materialised? "
Development takes time as you know this. You have been promising Windows 7 and Vista support since January. We haven't heard anything from that.

Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard earned money on software that does not do what it was set out to achieve?
We never set out to achieve full league support. Our site doesn't say

Software is designed to bring professional gaming to a touchable reality for everyone, if you have been looking on countless websites for a cheat to fill all your needs but haven't managed to find a reputable source then look no further! that Polish guy.PL software is specifically designed for professional league gamers and we strive to bring you the upmost quality and security all in one unbeatable software package at a competetive cost! We are the leading distributor and the only provider of Kernel Mode (ring0) cheats with compatability of more than 99% of all anticheats!

We offer exactly what we state and our growing customer base and current customers can vouch for their happiness.

Perhaps this is the reason you try to create a smear campaign.

Your business model is flawed. You may want to try to better your own products instead of launching a smear campaign against us.

Their post is from today while ours is from yesterday, they had to read it and realize it can be used for their new software, until now they had no idea how to manage any screenshot bypass

We had band-a.i.d.s which successfully cleaned the screens.
Bryan showed you how to bypass screenshots for punkbuster as well as D3D from Kernel mode.

Instead of lying to smear us you may want to tell people the truth.


I have nothing against you at this time. I have clearly shown everyone your attempts to smear us have failed. We don't compete with you as our site isn't for league cheating. Everyone already knows our software is far easier, more compatible, and has far more features than your immunity so we don't compete with you on any level.

I even recommend people to your site when they come to us just for league support. I will continue to recommend them as we will never sell valkyrie publicly. It's reserved only for the old lifetime users that were promised a league solution in 2008.

You can continue to try to bring us down to your level, but we just don't care. I only made this post as your registered domains with our company name.

I suggest your grow up and better your software as opposed to attacking others. Look what happened to project-7. Don't become like them!

Good luck trying to make immunity proof in the popular leagues with good anti-cheat clients and good like with the cat and mouse game. You'll probably mass market your overlay once you realize immunity is a lost cause.

Using a quote from you:


Friday, May 14, 2010

Unfortunately because so little people were advertising this deal excluding myself and a few others this coupon is NO LONGER VALID

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aurora Promotion Is Now Over!

It's not all bad news though. The promotion may be over but with the new announcement we also have GREAT news!


With the help of a third party e-commerce gateway (plimus) now allows you to pay with paypal and even money orders!

A look at Plimus
If you're wondering about the price difference between Plimus and Google Checkout it is due to the additional processing fees Plimus charges.

My coupon is still VALID in google checkout and only google checkout.
Even if you decide to buy without my coupon using Plimus you can still list me as a referral!

The best of the best providing you with counter strike cheats / Cod4 Hacks / Left 4 Dead Cheats / and tf2 hacks have become even more convenient to purchase.

A detailed look at Cs 1.6 Hacks will be coming soon just as done before with my previous look at the CSS hacks.

Coupon Code : paradox

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aurora Promotion and Some Details on the Css hack

Let me begin by telling you about the current promotion which is absolutely amazing.

"Promotional Pricing

Because of the announcement of Project Aurora, we have decided to offer a promotional pricing period. Bronze and Silver plans have been cut by 50%. Never before has Enhanced Aim services been at this low of a price. Please take advantage of this pricing as the promotional period is not going to last.

Bronze plan is priced at $9.99(+25% coupon) for one full month of access
Silver plan is priced at $24.99(+25% coupon) for four full months of access " -Cyrus


A short and easy explanation of Aurora is that's it's ring0. Meaning it will render VAC2 scans useless letting you be worry free while hacking.

Now that you know about the current promotion let me show you what you're getting with these counter strike cheats.


First Menu - Link

When you first inject the Cs Hacks you must press ALT+V.
Once doing so the screen above pops up. You can tell that you may choose "Rage, All, or Legit"
All of these settings can be changed in game or through notepad in a cfg that is saved in your HIV folder.

Aimbot - Link
Trigger Bot - Link
ESP - Link
Visual - Link


CVAR - Link

As you can see on the CVAR menu these cs hacks are to be used at own risk. This is not just EA this is with all hacks. The reason being is that some servers run KAC and servers that run this mod can detect some of these features. A friendly warning shows you that it's not safe on all servers.


Accuracy - Link


In Game Bindable Keys !

Misc - Link

This is by far my favorite feature with EA. Not only do you get to bind your keys you can do it in game!

Click on the blue box followed by the key you want to bind and you're done.
Panic Key -
Css Hacks everything instantly turned off.
Trig Bot - Css Triggerbot enable
Speed hacks - Css Speedhacks enable
Name Steal Key - Steal Name without extra characters.
All bindable in game.


Enhanced Aim Counter Strike Wallhack

EA provides wallhacks but I prefer Chams so let me show you that.

Terrorist Cham - Link

In the image above you can see that the color of the Terrorist is different depending on if he's showing or not. VERY useful.

Same goes for the CT below (World ESP is being used)

CT Cham - Link

The most amazing thing about the Chams is that they are fully customizable to your liking.
Meaning you can change the color of the T's and CT's as you please using RGB

[T_ChamsColour1_R] 0
[T_ChamsColour1_G] 0
[T_ChamsColour1_B] 0
[T_ChamsColour2_R] 0
[T_ChamsColour2_G] 0
[T_ChamsColour2_B] 0
[CT_ChamsColour1_R] 0
[CT_ChamsColour1_G] 0
[CT_ChamsColour1_B] 0
[CT_ChamsColour2_R] 0
[CT_ChamsColour2_G] 0
[CT_ChamsColour2_B] 0
[CT_EspColour_R] 0
[CT_EspColour_G] 0
[CT_EspColour_B] 0
[T_EspColour_R] 0
[T_EspColour_G] 0
[T_EspColour_B] 0
[Visible_EspColour_R] 0
[Visible_EspColour_G] 0
[Visible_EspColour_B] 0

(replace 0 with 0-255)

CSS Aimbot

Now you must be curious of the Css Aimbot. How fast is it? Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Direct Youtube Link
This was all done in just ONE match. This isn't a highlight of many playthroughs.
Also notice the Spawn Protection and how the aimbot will NOT shoot at anyone that is being spawn protected. No reason to waste the ammo on them till they're normal.

Convinced yet? If not there is more to come!

Remember your coupon code when checking out.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shall we begin? (25% off with coupon code "paradox")

Hello and welcome.
I am paradox and I am a member at Let me begin by giving a brief description of Enhanced Aim.

Enhanced Aim is a community of hackers that not only "rage" in public servers in various games such as;

-Call of Duty 4 Hacks
-Call of Duty 5 Hacks

-Counter strike 1.6 Hacks
-Counter Strike Condition Zero Hacks
-Counter Strike Source Hacks

-Team Fortress 2 Hacks
-Day of Defeat Hacks
-Day of Defeat Source Hacks

-Left 4 Dead Hacks

but some play competitively. With Valkyrie (More info will be posted on Valkyrie) around the corner Anti Cheats such as

Supported Anti-cheats:

Black Eye
CMN3 (Version 4.0)
Cheating Death
BOE Client
TGL Bad Apple Client

Will no longer be in the way of having an upper hand.

Being a member since 08-24-2008 I can say that Enhanced Aim is by far THE best hack out there. Legit and Rage.

If you don't want to pay for a year just yet. Try it out for one month and see for yourself.

*Demos/Screenshots Coming Soon.*

Remember your coupon code is "paradox"